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Men and Women's Fashion Shoes
Almost all the designer footwear sold in stores around the world are produced and designed by the footwear manufacturers of the Riviera del Brenta, artisan tradition that originates from the Venetian "Calegheri" (shoemakers), following the Venetian nobles who moved from the city on holiday in the Riviera del Brenta.
The Master Shoemakers of the Brenta still use today as a trademark of their production, the ancient seal of the Brotherhood of the Calegheri, winning over especially women from around the world, with authentic marvels to wear.
The choice is vast and of high quality .... Try them!

If you want to wear the shoes of the fashion shows of the most famous fashion houses - Fendi, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Ungaro, Vera Wang, Armani, Ballin, Marc Jacobs and many others - you cannot miss a visit to the numerous outlets and factory stores scattered along the Riviera del Brenta!

The Scaldaferro Almond Nougat
Since 1919 Torronificio Scaldafferro, which is located a few hundred metres from Villa Ducale, produces true handmade delights: from the classic soft, almond nougat to chocolate biscuits, so good that once tasted you cannot stop!
A family tradition that has been handed down for generations, where each product is carefully checked and guaranteed. The Torronificio Scaldaferro has won the 2010 award for best producer of Italian nougat with almonds and hazelnuts by the prestigious cooking magazine Gambero Rosso.

The Wine
Veneto is the Italian region with the highest production of wines.
There are many grape varieties grown in our region and the wines produced. The Veneto region has a long culinary tradition: taste our wines with the foods of the area it is a true experience that will stimulate your curiosity and urge the senses.
There are plenty of wineries to visit, where you can also make excellent purchases.
We will indicate the winery closest to Villa Ducale ( a few metres away) where you can buy the DOC wines of the Riviera del Brenta.
www.cantinerivieradelbrenta.it and the typical products of our area.


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