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The Villas of the Riviera del Brenta
In the 1500's Venetian nobles built their beautiful mansions along the banks of the Brenta, an ideal extension of the mainland of the Grand Canal.
To perpetuate the experience of the Venetian nobles' vacation and the slow passage of time, even today you can take a leisurely ride on the Burchiello - a sightseeing boat - starting from Padua and reaching St. Mark's Square in Venice, among the beautiful Villas in the Riviera del Brenta. Shorter trips are organized from May to September, to visit the most beautiful and meaningful villas.

From Villa Ducale, an ideal point of departure for visiting the splendid Villas it's possible to reach:

  • Villa Pisani, National Museum , called the small Versailles, famous for its amazing labyrinth in its park
  • Villa Foscari called “La Malcontenta”, designed by A. Palladio
  • Villa Widman Rezzoni Foscari, jewel of the late Venetian Barocco
  • Villa Foscarini Rossi and the Shoe Museum
  • Villa Contarini dei Leoni, frescoed by Tiepolo
  • Villa Badoer Fattoretto and the museum of the Villano
  • Villa Bon tessier
  • Villa Titto and Villa Velluti
  • Villa Benzi Smania
  • Villa Allegri Von Ghega
  • Villa Farsetti
  • Villa Pisani la Barbariga
  • Barchessa Villa Valmarana

The Venetian Villas
Numerous other villas can be visited both in Venice and in Padua (Villa Barbarigo, Villa Emo, Catajio Castle, Villa Contarini), as in Vicenza (Valmarana, Rocca Pisana), for a tour retracing the history and splendor of the great Republic of Venice.

The "pearls" of the Riviera del Brenta
In addition to the 300 historic buildings and Venetian villas, the Riviera is rich in history and other spots waiting to be discovered: 100 between churches and oratories, archaeological sites, historic parks and environmental reserves, hydraulics, environmental and historical tours.

Not to be missed:

  • The low island of Dolo and the ancient mills.
  • The Squero of Dolo where the Vinciane Gates were built to regulate the water and river navigation between Padua and Venice
  • La Vecchia Conca of Moranzani Navigation an original example of the Vinciana Gate
  • The XIII century church of Santa Maria di Lugo (Campagna Lupia) and the archaeological museum
  • The Point of Fusina perto admire Venice from the mainland
Dolo in 1550 was an important industrial area, with the largest mill in Europe for functional food products in Venice and transported along the waterway. Important painters were inspired and immortalized this area, the most famous was Canaletto, whose views of the mills of Dolo are in the British Museum in London


The South Lagoon
A few kilometers from Villa Ducale there are the boats for tours to the beautiful South lagoon, "the water park of Venice." A world suspended between water and sky, where you can do nature tours, wildlife photography and bird watching in a quiet environment, visiting the fish farms and huts still intact and landing on the most authentic islands of Venice

It is a unique city in the world: 118 islands linked by 400 bridges, a great work of art. Every street, every little square has a story to tell, every church and every building testify to its incredible and valuable beauty.
Venice is an international city with many museums (www.palazzograssi.it - www.guggenheim-venice.it ) and international events and exhibitions always open: the Biennale, the Venice Film Festival, the Carnival, the Feast of the Redeemer and the Historical Regatta, just to name a few.
But whoever arrives in Venice cannot navigate the lagoon, the islands of Burano, Murano and Torcello essential and suggestive, Pellestrina an authentic Venetian pearl, or spend a day at the beach in Lido, the beach of the city.
And then there is the Venice of the Venetians, to get lost in the streets and squares, away from the tourist trails, to experience the real Venice, full of sounds and silences, rhythms and time. Because if you love Venice, you have to go on foot, without haste.

Known throughout the world as the city of the Saint, it is reached each year by thousands of pilgrims from all over the world who visit the Basilica of St. Anthony.
In a journey tied to their places of faith, you can visit the Cathedral of St. Giustina, St. Nicholas and St. Sofia, while the Scrovegni Chapel, the Church of the Erimitani and the Cathedral Baptistery are magnificent testimonies to an itinerary of sacred art.
But Padua is also a university city, where you can visit historical sites, such as the Palazzo del Bo, the Botanical Garden, the various university museums and the Observatory.
Padua is a city waiting to be discovered, with the beautiful squares of Herbs and Fruit, the Palace of Reason and the Clock Tower.

How to get around

If you want to leave the car for a few days right in front of the entrance to Villa Ducale there is a bus stop, where every 20 minutes it reaches Venice or Padua.

For visiting Venice leaving from the hotel by car.

  • - Terminal Fusina where you can park the car and take the motor boat (vaporetto) to Venice reaching le Zattere of the Lagoon. Froml Terminal Fusina you can also reach Lido, the beach of Venice


  • - Piazzale Roma, carpark and motor boat (vaporetto) or walk

For any other destination please enquire at the reception desk.


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