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Venice Marathon

Every year at the end of October, starting in Stra and finishing in St. Mark's, Venice, the Venice Marathon is run.
It started in 1986 and is now a huge, important International event.
Athletes and fans from all over the world come to run the most beautiful marathon.
The Venice Marathon starts in the morning in front of Villa Pisani in Stra, it runs along the Riviera del Brenta, along the canal, among villas and splendid gardens. The finish line is in St. Mark's, Venice.
On Saturday before the Venice Marathon there is a Family Run, a non-competitive race on a track of about 3.5 km for children and their families for a day of health and fun and to get immediately involved in the atmosphere of the marathon.


Villa Ducale is convenient to reach Stra, the starting point of the Venice Marathon.
On the Sunday of the Marathon, we organize a special breakfast for athletes and on Saturday our chef prepares special menus rich in carbohydrates.

Riviera Fiorita

Every year on the second Sunday of September, the Riviera celebrates the Riviera Fiorita event which began in 1977: a water parade which starts from Villa Pisani in Stra and arrives in Venice. A day to recall the passage in 1574 of Henry III, King of France, with lots of rowboats some noble and prestigious, the same ones used the Sunday before participating in the Venice Historical Regatta. Many people in costume, with the Venetian Heralds, to the sound of trumpets and drums, annually attract more than a hundred thousand visitors and tourists.

The pier on the Brenta Canal owned by Villa Ducale and opposite the entrance to the Villa is the perfect place to watch the water parade that goes down the canal.
Every year at the Riviera Fiorita we organize a Fiorito Buffet. Our chef prepares a traditional Venetian menu to be enjoyed in the park of the villa under the shade of the magnolias.

The Carneval of the Storti

The Carnival of Dolo always closes a few weeks after the official end of Carnival and has been celebrated since 1979.
The Carnival of the Storti is a day of celebration with a parade of floats, folk groups and figures that sing and dance, involving the large crowd every year attracted by the event which takes place in the historic centre.

Antiques Market

Every fourth Sunday of the month, the Riviera is populated with its characteristic Antique Market. It takes place on the Low Island, in the Squero, the oldest part of Dolo.
In this place that also enchanted Canaletto, become the subject of one of his famous painted canvas in 1728, you can walk around the stalls and among the antiques.


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